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The Manx
The 21st Century Puzzle Challenge!

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Are you ready for a new puzzle?

The Manx is more than just a puzzle. It's a competitive event.  And each Manx event will have different prizes.

We will have overall winners plus winners in sixteen age group divisions.  Every competitor submitting the correct answer to a Manx receives a distinctive commemorative certificate!  Timing is to the 1/10,000 of a second.

Every one has an equal opportunity to win.  If you can complete a word find, a crossword or a jigsaw, you can solve a Manx.  Manx events are all about speed.  Each competitor will be timed.  Complete results for each event will be available to all.  Give an entry ticket as a gift.  Manx events will be rewarding and fun!  You may win without personally having to solve a Manx!  Let me elaborate.  Click here.

Featured Event

The Banks Manx
The Plasma Manx

The Golden Ticket
Your entry ticket into the event.

The Manx is a most unique competition.

All Solvers Win!

YouTubeJason Savage, the designer, explains some important points about the Manx in this video presentation, including how to load and complete the training samples.

Solve a simple Manx right now!  See how easy it is.  Click here to begin.  Text for hearing impaired.

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The Manx is brought to you by Master The Challenge™, a division of TigersTime Studios™.  Manx puzzles are designed by Jason Savage.


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