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Manx Events

Before you enter a Manx event, click here and download the free Manx Training Samples.  Complete each of the samples to get a thorough understanding of how Manx puzzles are solved.  After you are confident about the solving technique, you can download the Manx Competition Package associated with the event you're going to enter.


The Plasma Manx

Purchase your Golden Ticket for an opportunity to win!

The Golden Ticket

Surprise that special someone with a laminated entry ticket.  Now that's something really different!  Give them an opportunity to win an extraordinary prize.  Click here for more information.

All event results will be verified by a licensed, Certified Public Accountant.


Manx tickets or CD's allow the holder to enter a competitive event that will be held by Master The Challenge™.  Participation in that event is the sole responsibility of the ticket/CD holder.  There will be no refunds for ticket/CD purchases.


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