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Simple Manx Sample
Test Your Skill


This is a very simple Manx sample, but it is representative of how the puzzles are solved.  The focal point of Manx puzzles is symbol identification.  Here is a set of symbols with their corresponding letter designation.

Symbol Chart

Symbol Chart

Here is a graphic with a set of four, electronically embossed symbols.

Manx Graphic

Manx Graphic

All you have to do is use the symbol chart to identify each of the four symbols in the graphic.  Enter each corresponding letter in the appropriate box below.

Plaintext Grid

The answer to this Manx puzzle is the answer to the following definition. 

They are sometimes found in a barn.

Take the letters from the Plaintext Grid and rearrange them to formulate your answer.  Enter the correct arrangement in the boxes below.

Answer Grid

Now click the Answer bar and enter your answer from the Answer Grid to see if you're a Winner
Use all lower case letters.

If you are using Internet Explorer and you do not get a pop up answer box when you click on the button below, click here to make an adjustment to your security settings.

Puzzle Piece
The Banks Manx puzzle uses much simpler symbols - Morse Code.  Identification is much quicker.  I use the Gothic symbols in all the training samples.  So, if you can complete those, and I'm sure you can, the Banks Manx will be a breeze!


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