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The Manx

Manx TicketThe Manx is a competitive event based on the identification of symbols incorporated into a photo or other graphic design.  The graphic featured in a particular Manx puzzle will include a representation of the event's Grand Prize.  The puzzle's title also reflects the prize.  For instance, the Plasma Manx offers a large screen plasma television as the Grand Prize. 

The Manx Training Samples contain all information you need to become a proficient solver before an event begins.  I recommend reading all documentation and practicing each puzzle sample to thoroughly familiarize yourself with the methodology.  This will provide the best opportunity to do well in a competition.

Advanced Manx puzzles are ciphers, so the use of the Polyalphabetic Table comes into play.  You can read about this table and the Vigenere Cipher on many related Internet sites.

A code word (Keyword) starting methodology used by each Manx event enables all participants to begin at the same time.  All competitors start on a level playing field.  No one has any advantage over anyone else.  Timing is done via the Internet.  Your local computer's clock has no interaction with the event.

Manx competitions are designed so everyone can come away a winner.  As the events grow we will be able to offer more impressive awards.  How about a $1,000,000 Manx?  That would be impressive.  So the time to get proficient solving Manx puzzles is now!

Download your Manx Training Samples now!

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