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Hello. I am your host, Zoe. Welcome to Master the Challenge, home of the Manx, a visually deciphered, graphic art puzzle developed by Jason Savage. Learn all about it using our menu links.

I invite you to try something unique. Compete in one of our Manx events. There are some great prizes! What’s more, every entrant who solves the Manx wins! These competitions are patterned after running events. We have sixteen age group divisions.

The Manx is a visually deciphered puzzle that incorporates symbols and ciphers. If you can complete a word find, crossword, jigsaw, or any other puzzle, you can solve a Manx. Jason explains the development and presents a sample Manx in his video.

You could be the grand prize winner! Do you know any puzzle lovers? Please inform them about the Manx events or give them an entry ticket as a gift. If you would like to know more about me, click the link below, or select Project History from the menu. It is a pleasure being your host. Good bye for now, and best wishes.


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